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Pastor Search Update

The development of our Church Information Form (CIF) is one of the most critical milestones in the process of seeking a new permanent pastor to support our future ministry and mission needs.

Please click HERE for more information about our pastor search process.

2007 CIF

Part #1

2007 CIF

Part #2


14 May 2008

Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) unanimously  recommends the Rev. Deborah Dodson Parsons to serve as the next installed pastor of Leesburg Presbyterian Church. We believe God guided Rev. Parsons and us to this conclusion.

Enclosed is a brochure that highlights Debbie’s personal and professional background, including a brief message from her to you, our congregation.

Rev. Parsons will lead our worship service at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 1.  There will not be an 8:30 service that morning.  Immediately after the 11:00 service, there will be a congregational meeting in which church members will be asked to vote on the PNC’s recommendations to call Rev. Parsons as installed pastor and her terms of the call.  Please attend this important meeting and vote.

We are all very eager for you to meet Debbie and get to know her, as we have.  In the meantime, feel free to ask any of us if you have any questions about her, why we feel so strongly she is the right person at this time for LPC, and the next steps in this process.

In Christ,

20 April 2008 - We’re almost there!

Since February of 2007, your Pastor Nominating Committee has been working towards the goal of calling our new pastor.  What have we been doing all that time? We have met together almost every week, beginning and ending each meeting in prayer.  Individually we have spent countless hours reading and reviewing material in preparation for those meetings.   We have had the joy and privilege to correspond and talk with pastors from not only around the US, but from “across the pond” as well.  We have listened to sermons from more than 40 different pastors.  All and all, it is has been an amazing, inspiring, Spirit-filled journey.  Your prayers and encouragement throughout have been a key part of the process and much appreciated.   God truly has been leading us to the right pastor and –- we’re almost there.  Keep your ears and eyes open!

November 2007 - The PNC is progressing very well. We have had many applicants who would like to serve in our wonderful church. The committee is prayerfully reading all the applications and then watching DVD’s of sermons of the ones that we are considering. This month we started the telephone interview phase, talking to the applicants that made it through the DVD phase. Choosing a pastor is a very thorough process. We are confident that we will find the person that God has selected for us.

15 October 2007 - Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to work hard – and pray hard – as we move through the process that will lead to the calling of a pastor to Leesburg Presbyterian Church.

We have reviewed more than 130 Pastor Information Forms.  Some of those were submitted directly to us by candidates who are interested in being considered for this position.  Others were referred to us by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which maintains a database of pastors across the country who are open to a new call.

We have requested more information from those candidates who appear to be the best match for this church.  We are currently reviewing these materials and listening to sermons that have been submitted in just about every medium imaginable – audio cassettes, CDs, videotapes and DVDs, as well as printed sermons.  We will soon begin scheduling telephone interviews with the top candidates.

We are giving this a lot of thought and prayer.  As Presbyterians, we are taught that God has already selected the person He wants to come lead our church.  Our primary task as a PNC is to discern who that is, and to clear the way for that person to accept our call.

The members of the PNC are Jim Barnes, Diana Bennett, Kathy Brown, Jon Gayek, Laura Herring, Laura Jackson, Betty Lowenbach, Scott Smith and Bill Wingardner.  We thank you for your support, and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers.

18 September 2007 - The Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to tell the congregation that we have received over 120 “Pastor Information Forms” in response to our Church Information Form on the PCUSA website.  Our screening process is working well and while we continue to refine the system we are enjoying reading the letters and applications that are still arriving via mail and email.  Now we are sending out our letters of request for sample sermons, videotapes and audiotapes to individuals who have met our criteria.  This is a very exciting and challenging part of the pastor selection process and we ask for your patience, continued prayers and support of our hard working team.

19 August 2007 - Good news from the Pastor Nominating Committee!

Since our last report in July, the Session approved the Church Information Form, and it is now on the PCUSA website. PCUSA uses our Church Information Form and Pastor Information Forms completed by ministers looking for a position to alert the Pastor Nominating Committee of potential candidates. Ministers looking at our form who are interested in the position can contact the committee directly.

In preparation for receiving responses to the Church Information Form, the Pastor Nominating Committee adopted a screening process. The process has already begun. As of Thursday, August 16th, we have received 114 Pastor Information Forms to consider.

In addition to the screening process, three form letters have been written and approved by the Pastor Nominating Committee for use. The first acknowledges the receipt of a minister’s Pastor Information Form submitted directly to the committee. The second letter requests additional materials from a minister that the committee believes could be a contender for the position; an example of such material includes sermon tapes. The third letter notifies a minister with whom there has been prior correspondence that the committee does not believe there is a suitable match between the minister and Leesburg Presbyterian Church. Correspondence with a minister referred to the committee by PCUSA is not necessary if, from the beginning, the committee does not believe there is a suitable match.

The really hard work for the Pastor Nominating Committee is just beginning. All of us on the committee are eager for the task. We thank the congregation for all of the prayers on our behalf, and we ask the congregation to continue praying for us as we begin this new phase.


16 July 2007 - The Church Information Form is done! 


2007 CIF

Part #1

2007 CIF

Part #2

The Church Information Form, or CIF, is an informational form churches complete and submit to the Church Leadership Connection or CLC, in Louisville.   The CLC provides a matching service for churches and church professionals.  Our CIF is the first impression pastoral candidates will have of LPC.

This past Thursday, we on the PNC met and completed our last review of the CIF.  Every word, and indeed, because we were limited to 1500 characters per question, every space of the form was thoughtfully and prayerfully considered.  Now, the Session and the Committee on Ministry must read and approve it.  By the end of this month, the CIF should be entered online with the CLC, where it can be viewed by prospective pastors or anyone with Internet access.  Then, the process of reviewing Personal Information Forms (PIF), the pastor counterpart to the CIF, begins.

The importance of the CIF cannot be overstated. It is the means by which we will evaluate any PIFs we receive.  It is also the way our new pastor will be able to understand our expectations and the ministry of Leesburg Presbyterian Church.   It could not have been completed without your help.  Thank you for your participation in the survey, your comments and suggestions, and for your continued prayers as we enter this next stage of calling our pastor.   


19 June 2007 - Thanks to those of you who took the time to fill out the survey which was mailed to you last month. Over 20% have been returned and will continue to accept them through June 30th.


We are continuing to work on the CIF (Church Information Form) with hopes of having it completed and approved by Session and Presbytery’s COM (Committee on Ministry) early this fall. Each section of the form has to be studied, discussed, organized and written. Our responses should form an accurate picture of what Leesburg Presbyterian Church was, is and will be and then we begin the search to find someone who best suits our needs for the “will be” part. Not an easy task!


Without your support we have an impossible task, so please continue to pray for us daily and to speak to one of the committee members if you have questions or concerns.


27 May 2007 - Fellow LPC family:  The members of the PNC take our selection to this committee as a sacred trust. We represent the congregation and work for you directly. We are moving steadily toward the development of an outstanding Church Information Form – no small task due to its importance in the Pastoral call process. The CIF is the first look at LPC and its congregation for most pastors. It’s a very restrictive form with descriptive sections limited to exactly 1500 characters.


The Mission Study we received from the Session gave us some good insight to who we are as a church. To get a better feel for what each of you would like to see in our new minister, we have sent out a questionnaire – easy to read, easy to fill out (spend some time though on it) and easy to return.

The questionnaires were mailed out on May 23. You should have received one copy for each confirmed member of your family. We ask that each of you fill out the questionnaire and return them to the church office in the enclosed envelope, or to the basket in the narthex by June 30th.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us do our task. The more input we get, the more accurate our Church Information Form can be. This is your Church and your input counts.

15 April 2007 - The Pastor Nomination Committee (PNC) has been hard at work over the past few months. The entire committee, along with Diane Hutchins and Pat Nobles (the representative from the presbytery), have spent time discussing all the details that go into picking a new pastor for the church.   On April 11th the PBC elected the following officers:


  • Jim Barnes, chairman (pnc@lpcva.org)

  • Bill Wingardner, vice chairman

  • Betty Lowenbach, recording secretary

  • Laura Jackson, corresponding secretary


On April 16, the Session will approve a mission statement and the PNC will begin to write the Church Information Form (CIF).  This is the first key piece in the selection process.  The PNC asks for your prayers and patience in the coming months.  The PNC knows how important its duties are and wants to make sure that they do the very best job possible.  You will be getting an update from the committee on the third Sunday of every month and in the monthly newsletter.


12 January 2007 - The LPC Nominating Committee has nominated Jim Barnes, Diana Bennett, Jon Gayek, Laura Jackson, Betty Lowenbach, and Scott Smith to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee.  These names will be placed into nomination at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation next Sunday, January 21st.  The Session has already elected Kathy Brown and Bill Wingardner to represent them, and the Deacons have elected Laura Herring.  If you would like to information to share with this committee, please contact them at pnc@lpcva.org

03 December 2006 - The Committee on Ministry of the National Capital Presbytery has given us permission to elect a Pastor Nominating Committee to formally begin our search for a new pastor.  Our Session has agreed to have a committee of nine.  There will be two representatives from the Session, one from the Deacons, and six from the congregation at large.  The church's 2006 nominating committee has been charged to prepare a slate of six candidates from the congregation to be elected at our annual meeting scheduled for January 21, 2007.


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